Thursday, 28 August 2014

Window shopping at Selfridges

Being in Birmingham, surrounded by beautiful shops, I've developed a little liking for the most expensive things in fashion! I don't often indulge in these expensive splurges, but there's nothing wrong with window shopping! 

I'm in love with all the Ted Baker purses, but especially the black glossy ones. They look so chic, and so much more expensive than what they are. How could I resist a Michael Kors watch, just look at it, it's beautiful! I've been looking for boots like those Carvela's for ages! Can't justify spending £150 on some though :(

What splurge items have you got your eye on?

Thursday, 21 August 2014

How I got a Fashion Internship

The working world is a scary place, and a hard place to get into! The fashion industry is one of the hardest to break into, so internships are a nice way of working your way up, or just bulking up your CV. Part of my uni course required me to do a work placement (or in my case, several). I knew straight away that 99% of them would be in London, and for a 2 week placement I wasn't prepared to move/travel/commute to London everyday (i am on a student budget!). So I started looking at other alternatives, at home placements, and placements near me. Now I live in Birmingham, central England, so I thought it would be that hard to get a placement.. Oh how I was wrong!

If you are looking for a fashion design then quit now, and move to London. Unless you have a car and can drive to these middle-of-nowhere companies (F&F etc!). I on the other hand wasn't looking for design, I'm more into styling, PR, magazine or events. So I had a lot to choice from, but it still didn't make it easy.

I started by googling things like "fashion internships in birmingham" this got me practically no where. So here's my advice for you's:

1. Find the companies you want to work for:
Love a certain brand, magazine, company? Then find them. Find their email, and email them, find their number and call them. If your near them, go to their office! It helps to be persistent, and putting in the effort shows you'll be a valuable asset to them. You don't have to go in CV's at the ready, just a quick email saying who you are, what you're doing (studying/working), why you are looking for internships, what your looking for, and asking if they have anything that would suit you. If it's a small business, they wont be advertising for internships, because they probably wouldn't have even considered having interns yet.

2. Social media:
There are a few social medias set up just for interns, such as @ukfashionintern & @fashionworkie. There's billions more, but these are the ones I've used. They are connected to websites, however I found it much easier to use their twitter, as they would also retweet people looking for interns/paid work etc, so you find a lot more opportunities. Also try searching on social media sites! Things like "fashion placements in __" or "fashion intern in __" as people often post when they are looking for one, rather than making an official application form.

3. Make contacts:
Have a friend of a friend who once worked for a company you like? Contact them, see if they can pass on your name, or better yet give you some contact details. It never hurts to try, and you might even find more contacts through the search! Follow people on social medias who are interns, or are also looking for interns, you will both be doing each other favors!

4. Don't give up:
I found my last placement on the last day of searching, I was completely ready to quit before I stumbled onto their website, and it was the best thing I'd ever done.