Wednesday, 28 May 2014

my life through instagram #8

I haven't blogged in absolutely ages! Again all because of uni, i just get too busy, plus i got a part time job so i've just been rushed off my feet! Now its summer i have so much free time so it's back to blogging! Since I've been gone i've done a whole 100 day photo-a-day challenge, so i wont be showing you all my instagram pics, but here's a few of the highlights!

new jumper // making bread // magazine all finished and printed // love this picture // organizing my photos // placement time // warhorse // love this quote // selfie

yummy breakfast // selfridges placement // staff meeting turned into a night out // birthday night out // and again // pub catch up // cocktail time // hungover mcdonalds on the train home // belated birthday meal with the parents 

dip dyed hair // starbucks & films on the train // back into the uni routine // successful surprise party/night out // yummy coffee & walnut cake // vodka slushie to start the work night out // love starting a new project // lush bath // bar crawl 

bar crawl // amazing mug from harry potter studios // drunk selfie // true american // bbq feast // my friend has the most amazing house // another night out // and again // finally finished 2nd year