Monday, 11 November 2013

John Frieda: Frizz-Ease Review

Frizzy hair has always been an issue for me, but it's never really bothered me so much that I wanted to really look into fixing it (lazy and very bad i know!). So trying these products made my quite excited because I didn't have any expectations, so the end result made me very happy! The whole idea of the frizz-ease products are to create smooth curls and frizz free hair - which is what every girl (or guy) wants! 

3 day straight*
First thing I tried is the 3 day straight spray. I have to say out of all 4 products this is probably the one I'll use the most, as I often struggle to keep my hair straight! I'm not too sure if it's because my hair is naturally wavy, or the fact that it's very long and thick, but for some reason the ends just never stay straight! It's so easy to use, just spray into damp hair, comb through and blow dry straight! Simple and easy. It actually kept my hair much straighter than if I hadn't used it, it lasted the day I put it on, and the next. I couldn't tell you if it would last 3 days, because I wash my hair every two days, so obviously I don't except it to work after washing it out! I really like the smell, it has that sweet conditioner smell, and kind of reminds me of those detangling sprays you use as a kid! 

Dream curls*

I expected my hair to go more curly with this, however re-reading the box I realize that isn't the intention of the product... So on that note it does add softness & shine to your hair. It made my hair feel wonderfully soft and nice. I was going to say if you wanted a product that gave you softer hair, then this is the product for you! However.. it did make my hair quite greasy after a day of having it in, but I guess as it's an oil you'd expect that. 

Smooth start shampoo & conditioner*

I never really go for expensive shampoos, as I think the cheaper ones do the exact same thing. However I've been using these two for a couple of weeks now and I'm really starting to see a difference! My hair looks less frizzy, and it feels a lot smoother. They also keep my hair clean for a good two days, as I have found some shampoos/conditioners to make my hair feel ridiculously greasy after only one day.

Also John Frieda have just launched a new range, Full Repair, which is made to help and repair your damaged hair! 

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  1. I swear by the 3 day straight spray! And you're right, it's so easy and simple to use!