Friday, 13 September 2013

How not to over pack

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If you haven't read already, I'm going away from Christmas this year, and I haven't been abroad in about 8 years! So I'm obviously super excited, and love getting prepared early (purely because all the summer clothes are on sale atm, so it's the best time to be prepared!!). So when I saw this article on daily mail I knew I had to blog about it. It's about how women (sexist much...) over-pack by TWO THIRDS for holidays (so true). I'm so guilty of this! I pack a whole suitcase just to visit home for a week, and end up only wearing a few bits of what I'm packed! It's pretty stupid! For this holiday I'm using a smaller suitcase (about 70-80 litre capacity) and I plan on being so super organised that I wear every piece I pack! 

On the article it says this:

 Tops: 30, 10
Skirts: 13, 4
Shorts: 10, 4
Swimwear: 9, 3
Underwear: 30, 15
Socks (pairs): 5, 0
Flip flops / sandals: 6, 3
Wedges: 1, 1
High heels: 3, 1
Hats: 4, 1
Beach bags: 3,1 
Evening bags: 4, 1
Sundresses: 10, 6
Evening dresses: 5, 2
Trousers: 4, 1
Jeans: 1, 0
Cardigans: 8, 2
Jackets: 2, 0
Pyjamas: 4, 2
TOTAL: Takes 152 items and wears just 57
Obviously it will vary from person to person, but I think the idea is the same. So how about some tips to stop you over-packing?

1. Plan your outfits. 
Don't plan what you're going to wear on what day, but plan outfits. 14 day outfits, and 14 night outfits. Try to mix and match, wearing things twice or more.

2. Don't take things you don't need.
It's going to be hot, you're going to be sunbathing and in the pool or going to the beach. You're not going to need that much make up, so keep it to one make up bag. You wont need multiple towels, or bags. One beach bag, one handbag, one small bag and one clutch will be enough, maybe even too much. 

3. Keep it simple.
You wont need your entire range of belts, hats, and jewelry! Stick to things you wear a lot, and that will go with the majority of the clothes you've packed. It's all about mixing and matching to create a range of outfits!

What are your tips for not over packing?

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  1. Randomly happened to your blog. And how funny, I totally can relate to this post.
    Your blog's heading is cute, btw.