Friday, 13 September 2013

How not to over pack

image found on google images

If you haven't read already, I'm going away from Christmas this year, and I haven't been abroad in about 8 years! So I'm obviously super excited, and love getting prepared early (purely because all the summer clothes are on sale atm, so it's the best time to be prepared!!). So when I saw this article on daily mail I knew I had to blog about it. It's about how women (sexist much...) over-pack by TWO THIRDS for holidays (so true). I'm so guilty of this! I pack a whole suitcase just to visit home for a week, and end up only wearing a few bits of what I'm packed! It's pretty stupid! For this holiday I'm using a smaller suitcase (about 70-80 litre capacity) and I plan on being so super organised that I wear every piece I pack! 

On the article it says this:

 Tops: 30, 10
Skirts: 13, 4
Shorts: 10, 4
Swimwear: 9, 3
Underwear: 30, 15
Socks (pairs): 5, 0
Flip flops / sandals: 6, 3
Wedges: 1, 1
High heels: 3, 1
Hats: 4, 1
Beach bags: 3,1 
Evening bags: 4, 1
Sundresses: 10, 6
Evening dresses: 5, 2
Trousers: 4, 1
Jeans: 1, 0
Cardigans: 8, 2
Jackets: 2, 0
Pyjamas: 4, 2
TOTAL: Takes 152 items and wears just 57
Obviously it will vary from person to person, but I think the idea is the same. So how about some tips to stop you over-packing?

1. Plan your outfits. 
Don't plan what you're going to wear on what day, but plan outfits. 14 day outfits, and 14 night outfits. Try to mix and match, wearing things twice or more.

2. Don't take things you don't need.
It's going to be hot, you're going to be sunbathing and in the pool or going to the beach. You're not going to need that much make up, so keep it to one make up bag. You wont need multiple towels, or bags. One beach bag, one handbag, one small bag and one clutch will be enough, maybe even too much. 

3. Keep it simple.
You wont need your entire range of belts, hats, and jewelry! Stick to things you wear a lot, and that will go with the majority of the clothes you've packed. It's all about mixing and matching to create a range of outfits!

What are your tips for not over packing?

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

my life through instagram #6

Wow I really haven't been using instagram much these past months, as some of these date back to june! 

happy fathers day // late night reading // packed and ready for the house // late night cuppa

the first bbq of the new house // enjoying the Jacuzzi bath // sun time! // fresher pics

job interview time // inspiring words at the gym // fashion show outfit // Harvey Nichols a/w show

Monday, 9 September 2013

Autumn wardrobe wishlist

Can you believe it's almost time for autumn? I don't even want to think about it, especially with all the nice weather we've had all summer! But I do have to think about it, as a brit i need to prepare for the cold and wet that will soon be coming! First of all, a new year a new coat?! I love a black coat, because it's easy to wear with everything, and I only like to buy one coat a year (hello expensive), so it needs to work with my entire wardrobe. I love this over sized one from topshop, it just looks so warm and comfy. And to pair it with the scarf, hello heaven in an outfit. I love the pattern and that check/tartan pattern seems to be every where recently. 

Monday, 2 September 2013

Graze Box Review

I'm sure you've seen these boxes everywhere, and if you haven't tried them yet then why not?! I have a code to get my first box free, then I just canceled the subscription so I'm not left paying for anything. I can't remember where I got the code from but there are always ones avaliable if you just google 'free first graze box' or something similar. 

I'm not a huge fan of dried fruit, I often find them too sweet which just ends up hurting my teeth (I have weirdly sensitive teeth when it comes to sweet foods). But this ones a bit different because I'd never tried any of these dried fruits before except for raisins! I loved the pineapple and cherry, they were definitely my favourites!

I loved the cheese cashews and the herd crackers, but I was disappointed with the salsa corn sticks, they just tasted bland really. 

I'm so glad I got a flapjack included, as I love flapjack, and this didn't let me down! It was packed full of flavor, and under 250 calories! Definitely one for a sweet tooth.

I was pleasantly surprised with this one, firstly I thought the bag would be tiny, and secondly I though they'd take 'lightly salted' very seriously. But the bag size was perfect for 1 person, I hate how popcorn comes in such big bags, sometimes I just want to eat popcorn without having to share the bag with someone just to finish it. Also it was packed with flavor, each piece tasted salted, without being over powering!

Have you tried a graze box?