Friday, 16 August 2013

Specspost Sunglasses Review

I've been looking for some new sunglasses for a while, as mine are quite old and scratched. But I never know where to buy from, I can't afford designer, but are high street any good? They may look good but will they protect my eyes?

Specspost are an online shop that sell a wide range of glasses and sunglasses. Because they sell glasses as well as sunglasses, it makes me feel more confident that the sunglasses with me good for my eyes. They also have a huge range of frames, including branded ones!

These glasses relate at £26.99, and on the website you can see the different options for lenses, making buying glasses or sunglasses super easy! The fact that they are good quality, and look great, for under £30 is amazing! The frame itself is really study, even though the side bits are quite thin, they feel strong. The lenses are slightly tinted, not too dark, which for me is a good thing as I hate really dark tinted sunglasses to the point you can barley see in them when you're indoors. They have a slightly cat eye shape which makes them so pretty, and slightly tinted lenses work really well with this shape. They come in a very sturdy box, which is great for on the go, to protect the glasses from getting broken or scratched. 

It seems like a very reliable brand, and I will definitely be considering them next time I need some glasses or sunglasses!

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