Thursday, 15 August 2013

Recent Purchases: Bargains, bargains, bargains!

Just a little update of what I've bought recently!

Boots - £4.50 

Leggings - new look - 2 for £11.99 
Skirt - new look - £9.99

jumper - new look - £12.99                 dress - primark - £5 (what a bargain!!!)

Set of 3 frames - Matalan - £1

Set of 3 storage boxes - £5

So many bargains! If you follow me on twitter, and caught my little matalan freak out, it was all about these boxes. I'd seen them ages ago, they have been on a wishlist before, then they went on sale for £10, but I was at my parents and couldn't order them because I knew no one would answer the door to the postman at 8am (no one is ever up!), so I'd have to go to the post office and pick them up, and I didn't know if they were flat pack (they aren't). Then just a few days before I was coming back they were reduced to £5, so naturally I had to get them. Then for about 3-4 days every time i went to order them, they went off, or back to £20! Finally the other day my mum text me to tell me they were at £5 again, so I raced to the checkout! I also managed to pick up those three frames for £1, another bargain!! 


  1. I love the green dress from Primark! you got some really good bargains! :)


  2. gorgeous boxes Ive been looking for some like that for ages, i better get to matalan! (: xx

    1. do it! they are amazing, a huge! xo