Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Packing for university

packing for 1st year in halls // packing for 2nd year in a house

Since we've just passed A-Level results day I thought this might be quite appropriate, and hopefully, helpful. Last year I was the one getting my results, getting into university, packing for university and get very excited to move! But the one thing that kept going through my mind was what to pack? Do I take this, do I need to buy this, is this too much? But we're all in the same boat, no one knows exactly what you'll need until you get there, you're always gonna need to buy something. But hopefully I can make it a little easier with this list.. Some of these you might want to wait until you move in (especially if you are in halls), or you could end up with 6 tin openers...

Take everything. Unless you are travelling back home ever weekend then you should consider that your uni halls/room (where ever you're living) as your new home. The amount of times I heard people say "I wish I could wear ___ but I left it at home" was crazy. And if you have any fancy dress items it's always a bonus!

You will end up visiting home (I'm guessing..) so a suitcase is essential for the train trips! I do recommend a 4 wheel suitcase, especially if you have a walk to the train/bus station.

Personal Items
Photos, cards, posters, memories etc! Anything that you can put up around your room to make it feel homely, as it can seem a bit like a hotel at first.

I lived in halls, when it came to the summer, it was boiling (I also recommend taking a fan), but in the winter it was freezing, so a throw really helped!

Cutlery and Utensils
I bought a set of 16 cutlery, so you get 4 of each. It may seem like a lot, but I can guarantee you will lose or break something, or you will just be quite lazy with the washing up and the extra sets will let you put it off for a bit longer :P This is the same for glasses, plates and bowls. Cooking utensils I would recommend getting a set of spoons/spaghetti spoon/turner (the big long ones for cooking). You will need at least 1 pan, and 1 frying pan, 1 baking tray (and/or pizza tray) a wok can be quite useful depending on what food you eat. A pan strainer, corkscrew bottle opener, scales (you will bake at some point!), dishmatic washing up brush (life saver), tin opener, peeler, grater, jug, masher, pizza cutter, mixing bowl, chopping board, tupperware boxes, cling film, straws, shot glasses.

Hand washing can be quite time consuming, so to save money when washing buy an airer to dry your clothes on as a typical dry can be £1-£2 depending on where you live (unless you get a washer and dryer included).

And all the rest:
Toiletries, CD's/DVD's, books, phone, laptop, head phonesprinterchargers, stationary, passport/ID, important documents such as NHS medical card, USB stick, extension leads (you will only get around 4 plugs in your room), camera, game consoles, a pack of cards (pre drinking essentials, or just plain boredom), door stop, washing basket, bin, first aid kit, sewing kit (for fixing small holes in your clothes, and for makeshift fancy dress), tea towels, coat hangers, drawing pins (for hanging stuff on your notice board.. if you get one).

When you're buying things for university, it can often get quite expensive as all the little bits add up! I recommend looking around at prices. I used/bought from wilkinsons, argos, tesco, asda, poundland, bnm. There are also shops like homebargains and such!

Anything I've missed? Are you heading to university this year?

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