Friday, 2 August 2013

Limerance Skin Care review

This is quite a delayed post, but I've had a bit going on, and I've been traveling between Birmingham and my hometown a bit. I was kindly sent these two products from Limerance Skin Care to try and review. 

Limerance Lip Balm*

The first is their Lip Balm, at only $2.50 , it's very affordable! Made from beeswax, essential oils, and honey/blackberry oils.  It's a really nice and simple product. Simple, typical lip balm packaging, with their name and details of the lip balm on the front. It did moisturize my lips, it went on easily and stayed on well. However, for me, it had a weird kind of smell. This is gonna sound weird/ maybe even mean, but it smells a little like that typical "old people" smell. But luckily, you can only smell the product when its in the packaging, when it's on your lips it can't be smelt. They suggest to apply it to your lips before sleeping, like a lip treatment.

Limerance face cream*

The second is their face cream, more expensive than the lip balm at $30. For me, that's pretty expensive face cream, especially for the size of the tub. However when you look at what's in the face cream you can understand the price. 79 trace minerals, including gold, pepitides, sulfur, astaxanthin, peach kernels and many more! A little bit goes a long way, so I can see the product lasting. They don't suggest when to use the product, but I would suggest using it at night as it's quite thick on your face, and would leave you quite shiny if you were to put it on in the morning. The cream is fragrance free, so it just has that basic cream smell, which if I'm honest I much prefer. I wear perfume, and I'd rather smell like the perfume than 30 different products. After putting the cream on, it soaked into my skin easily, and left it feeling soft. And I woke up the next morning feeling the exact same! It still felt soft in the evening! If you want smooth skin, I would definitely recommend it.

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