Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Holiday Essentials

I haven't been abroad in years, and the only thing I've seen for a holiday is a caravan in 'sunny' England. So now that we (me and the family) have a holiday booked for December, I've been thinking nothing but sun sun sun! Because I haven't been in a while, I have nothing prepared for it, not even a beach towel! So I thought I'd put together a little list of holiday essentials that are needed for any holiday!

Linea                        Antler                        Tripp

First things first, you need a suitcase! I recommend 4 wheel suitcases, especially if you use a suitcase a lot. It's just a lot less effort, no matter how heavy the suitcase is! However they can be quite expensive, so if you are only going to use it once a year, stick to a 2 wheel as they can be much cheaper! Since moving to uni I've found I'm often living out of a suitcase, so a 4 wheeled one is definitely on my shopping list!

Anorak                   Ben de Lisi               Orla Kiely

For me, a holiday isn't a holiday if it isn't within walking distance of a beach! Making a beach towel an essential for the days spent relaxing on the beach, or drying off after a swim. I love these cute prints, so eye catching - you'll never forget which sun lounger is yours! 

      Oasis               Topshop            French Connections

A beach bag is definitely needed so you can keep all those important things safe - phone, keys, sunglasses, sun cream, book.. etc! The list is big, so a big bag is needed! I prefer to have a zip top, as it's a lot more secure, plus it will help keep out the sand. 
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When you were younger, a hat meant a brightly coloured sun hat, or one of those "snapbacks", were you'd put your pony tail through the gap! Now I'm older, a beach hat means a big floppy pretty hat! I want something that will look fabulous no matter what I'm wearing, whether it be just a bikini, maxi dress, shorts and a tee etc!
New Look               Topshop                 Cheap Monday

Keeping safe in the sun doesn't just mean sun cream, you need to keep your eyes protected (as well as look good!). For me, they have to be big! I love big sun glasses, especially with black frames, but I'm also loving those pastel frames from top shop.

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