Monday, 26 August 2013

Fitness wear under £20

hoody // tee // vest // socks // leggings // shorts // joggers // bra // trainers

Sports wear can be quite expensive, but now with high streets bringing out their own twist on things, it can be a lot more affordable (and stylish). Of course there are also the sites that are tailored to sports wear, SportDirect and SimplySweat offer sportswear that is affordable! The majority of the things on my wishlist are actually under £10, except the trainers and leggings. You can find cheaper leggings and trainers, but I'm so in love with these leggings it would be wrong not to include them, and the trainers are the same ones that I own, and they are amazing. They are toning trainers, so they just add even more to your workout, and the front lets in air, so your feet don't get hot or sweaty, and at £20 they are a complete bargain! A sports bra is a big necessity, and with this pink number being only £10 you can't go wrong. Weirdly, I didn't meant to have a pink vibe running through all of them, but I really like how it all works! I'm not comfortable wearing shorts to the gym yet, but if I ever get to that stage I would definitely got for a runner style short, as I wouldn't want something tight and fitted. This is the same for tops and vests, I much prefer something baggy as I feel more comfortable.

Do you have any high street sportswear? 

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