Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Amazon Wishlist

I often do a lot of surveys online, and one of the payments you can get are amazon vouchers, which has made me use the website a lot more than before! One of my favourite things about the site is the fact you can make multiple wishlists on it. It means I can keep everything I want to buy organised. And they pretty much sell everything on there, as well as having a lot of connections with brands! 

My room walls look quite bare, and since I can't use nails in the walls as I'm renting, the bunting will be perfect to make my room a little more homely! The fairy lights are to replace my current ones, as they are pink they don't go with the rest of my room, and they are fluffy and the fluff goes everywhere (so annoying!!). Candles are something I've missed since living in halls meant they were a big no no! Now I'm in a house means I'm free to light them whenever, and I have to have the classic vanilla, and blueberry is one of my favourite scents. Also how cute is that bra?! I love the lace and the colour! And the shoes are perfect for summer, but they will also be perfect for my holiday!

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