Monday, 19 August 2013

9 ways to use wallpaper samples

When I was home (at my parents), I found my old stash of wallpaper samples! I'd been collecting them for if I ever needed them for college projects etc. I got all of them online at various sites, just search 'free wallpaper samples' and most sites give you about 5 samples for free! You can get even more if you go to shops like b&q. I thought since I had them I might as well make somethings from them (with a little help from pinterest). Note it's picture heavy!

1. Bunting

First I made a template, by cutting out the triangle size I wanted, then folding over about 1cm and trimming the sides (so it looks how it is in the picture).

I got everything I needed ready.

I drew around the template on the back. I got 2 on each sheet, but if my template was a little bit smaller I would of gotten 3.

All cut out.

I put double sided tape at the very top so it covers the flap we created.

I put the string in the middle of the tape.

And folded over.

Then hung them up!

Ta-da! My wall was looking quite bare so this is perfect! Brightens up my room and makes it feel much more homely! (excuse the messy desk)

2. Gift Tags

Again, I made the template, drew around it on the back of the wallpaper, cut it out, then hole punched the top, and threaded in some string (you could use ribbon etc!).

Ta-da! So cute, and you can personalize the front and back - so cheap and easy :)

3. Covering a book

My 2013 diary was looking a little blahh, it was marked and dirty and since it's only august, I needed to update it! I used double sided tape in the areas above, then put the wallpaper over it.

Then did similar on the inside, wrapping the paper around.

The front.

I then did the same to the back.

I then added some more wallpaper (cut out a lot :P ) and some paint for '2013' :)

4. Frame It - put it in a photo frame, then put the frame on the wall!
5. Make Envelopes - Find or make a template, and have personalized pretty envelopes.
6. Line drawers
7. Decorate cards - cut out patterns or shapes to design a card.
9. Covering things - cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, canvas's etc

Do you use wallpaper samples for DIY's? :)


  1. Such great ideas defiantly going to try and have a go at making the bunting :) xx