Thursday, 29 August 2013

Primark Autumn/Winter 2013 Favourites

printed midi dress - £10 // paisley trousers // skater dress - £13 // tartan scarf // cut out PU crop top // asymmetric zip clutch // oversized shirt

If you read my blog, you'll know I'm a huge fan of Primark, I'm always buying from there! So when I saw there autumn/winter collection, I just had to share with you my favourite pieces. Click here to see the entire collection. These are my favourites so far! I love the brightness of the midi dress, and I've seen the skater dress in person and it's just as pretty as the picture. Patterned trousers are so hot right now, I really want some, and I love how these are colorful, without being in your face.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

recent purchases #7

I recently got my first ever pay day, so hello treats for myself..

Crop Top - Select - £6

Fake Tan - Home bargain - £3.99
Concealer - Superdrug - £1.99
Lip butter - Superdrug - 2 for £10

Cami - New look - £12.99

floral bikini top -£13
floral bikini bottoms - £11
pink bikini top - £11
pink bikini bottoms - 11

Monday, 26 August 2013

Fitness wear under £20

hoody // tee // vest // socks // leggings // shorts // joggers // bra // trainers

Sports wear can be quite expensive, but now with high streets bringing out their own twist on things, it can be a lot more affordable (and stylish). Of course there are also the sites that are tailored to sports wear, SportDirect and SimplySweat offer sportswear that is affordable! The majority of the things on my wishlist are actually under £10, except the trainers and leggings. You can find cheaper leggings and trainers, but I'm so in love with these leggings it would be wrong not to include them, and the trainers are the same ones that I own, and they are amazing. They are toning trainers, so they just add even more to your workout, and the front lets in air, so your feet don't get hot or sweaty, and at £20 they are a complete bargain! A sports bra is a big necessity, and with this pink number being only £10 you can't go wrong. Weirdly, I didn't meant to have a pink vibe running through all of them, but I really like how it all works! I'm not comfortable wearing shorts to the gym yet, but if I ever get to that stage I would definitely got for a runner style short, as I wouldn't want something tight and fitted. This is the same for tops and vests, I much prefer something baggy as I feel more comfortable.

Do you have any high street sportswear? 

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Holiday Essentials

I haven't been abroad in years, and the only thing I've seen for a holiday is a caravan in 'sunny' England. So now that we (me and the family) have a holiday booked for December, I've been thinking nothing but sun sun sun! Because I haven't been in a while, I have nothing prepared for it, not even a beach towel! So I thought I'd put together a little list of holiday essentials that are needed for any holiday!

Linea                        Antler                        Tripp

First things first, you need a suitcase! I recommend 4 wheel suitcases, especially if you use a suitcase a lot. It's just a lot less effort, no matter how heavy the suitcase is! However they can be quite expensive, so if you are only going to use it once a year, stick to a 2 wheel as they can be much cheaper! Since moving to uni I've found I'm often living out of a suitcase, so a 4 wheeled one is definitely on my shopping list!

Anorak                   Ben de Lisi               Orla Kiely

For me, a holiday isn't a holiday if it isn't within walking distance of a beach! Making a beach towel an essential for the days spent relaxing on the beach, or drying off after a swim. I love these cute prints, so eye catching - you'll never forget which sun lounger is yours! 

      Oasis               Topshop            French Connections

A beach bag is definitely needed so you can keep all those important things safe - phone, keys, sunglasses, sun cream, book.. etc! The list is big, so a big bag is needed! I prefer to have a zip top, as it's a lot more secure, plus it will help keep out the sand. 
Dorothy Perkins             Miss Selfridge             River Island

When you were younger, a hat meant a brightly coloured sun hat, or one of those "snapbacks", were you'd put your pony tail through the gap! Now I'm older, a beach hat means a big floppy pretty hat! I want something that will look fabulous no matter what I'm wearing, whether it be just a bikini, maxi dress, shorts and a tee etc!
New Look               Topshop                 Cheap Monday

Keeping safe in the sun doesn't just mean sun cream, you need to keep your eyes protected (as well as look good!). For me, they have to be big! I love big sun glasses, especially with black frames, but I'm also loving those pastel frames from top shop.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Packing for university

packing for 1st year in halls // packing for 2nd year in a house

Since we've just passed A-Level results day I thought this might be quite appropriate, and hopefully, helpful. Last year I was the one getting my results, getting into university, packing for university and get very excited to move! But the one thing that kept going through my mind was what to pack? Do I take this, do I need to buy this, is this too much? But we're all in the same boat, no one knows exactly what you'll need until you get there, you're always gonna need to buy something. But hopefully I can make it a little easier with this list.. Some of these you might want to wait until you move in (especially if you are in halls), or you could end up with 6 tin openers...

Take everything. Unless you are travelling back home ever weekend then you should consider that your uni halls/room (where ever you're living) as your new home. The amount of times I heard people say "I wish I could wear ___ but I left it at home" was crazy. And if you have any fancy dress items it's always a bonus!

You will end up visiting home (I'm guessing..) so a suitcase is essential for the train trips! I do recommend a 4 wheel suitcase, especially if you have a walk to the train/bus station.

Personal Items
Photos, cards, posters, memories etc! Anything that you can put up around your room to make it feel homely, as it can seem a bit like a hotel at first.

I lived in halls, when it came to the summer, it was boiling (I also recommend taking a fan), but in the winter it was freezing, so a throw really helped!

Cutlery and Utensils
I bought a set of 16 cutlery, so you get 4 of each. It may seem like a lot, but I can guarantee you will lose or break something, or you will just be quite lazy with the washing up and the extra sets will let you put it off for a bit longer :P This is the same for glasses, plates and bowls. Cooking utensils I would recommend getting a set of spoons/spaghetti spoon/turner (the big long ones for cooking). You will need at least 1 pan, and 1 frying pan, 1 baking tray (and/or pizza tray) a wok can be quite useful depending on what food you eat. A pan strainer, corkscrew bottle opener, scales (you will bake at some point!), dishmatic washing up brush (life saver), tin opener, peeler, grater, jug, masher, pizza cutter, mixing bowl, chopping board, tupperware boxes, cling film, straws, shot glasses.

Hand washing can be quite time consuming, so to save money when washing buy an airer to dry your clothes on as a typical dry can be £1-£2 depending on where you live (unless you get a washer and dryer included).

And all the rest:
Toiletries, CD's/DVD's, books, phone, laptop, head phonesprinterchargers, stationary, passport/ID, important documents such as NHS medical card, USB stick, extension leads (you will only get around 4 plugs in your room), camera, game consoles, a pack of cards (pre drinking essentials, or just plain boredom), door stop, washing basket, bin, first aid kit, sewing kit (for fixing small holes in your clothes, and for makeshift fancy dress), tea towels, coat hangers, drawing pins (for hanging stuff on your notice board.. if you get one).

When you're buying things for university, it can often get quite expensive as all the little bits add up! I recommend looking around at prices. I used/bought from wilkinsons, argos, tesco, asda, poundland, bnm. There are also shops like homebargains and such!

Anything I've missed? Are you heading to university this year?

Monday, 19 August 2013

9 ways to use wallpaper samples

When I was home (at my parents), I found my old stash of wallpaper samples! I'd been collecting them for if I ever needed them for college projects etc. I got all of them online at various sites, just search 'free wallpaper samples' and most sites give you about 5 samples for free! You can get even more if you go to shops like b&q. I thought since I had them I might as well make somethings from them (with a little help from pinterest). Note it's picture heavy!

1. Bunting

First I made a template, by cutting out the triangle size I wanted, then folding over about 1cm and trimming the sides (so it looks how it is in the picture).

I got everything I needed ready.

I drew around the template on the back. I got 2 on each sheet, but if my template was a little bit smaller I would of gotten 3.

All cut out.

I put double sided tape at the very top so it covers the flap we created.

I put the string in the middle of the tape.

And folded over.

Then hung them up!

Ta-da! My wall was looking quite bare so this is perfect! Brightens up my room and makes it feel much more homely! (excuse the messy desk)

2. Gift Tags

Again, I made the template, drew around it on the back of the wallpaper, cut it out, then hole punched the top, and threaded in some string (you could use ribbon etc!).

Ta-da! So cute, and you can personalize the front and back - so cheap and easy :)

3. Covering a book

My 2013 diary was looking a little blahh, it was marked and dirty and since it's only august, I needed to update it! I used double sided tape in the areas above, then put the wallpaper over it.

Then did similar on the inside, wrapping the paper around.

The front.

I then did the same to the back.

I then added some more wallpaper (cut out a lot :P ) and some paint for '2013' :)

4. Frame It - put it in a photo frame, then put the frame on the wall!
5. Make Envelopes - Find or make a template, and have personalized pretty envelopes.
6. Line drawers
7. Decorate cards - cut out patterns or shapes to design a card.
9. Covering things - cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, canvas's etc

Do you use wallpaper samples for DIY's? :)

Friday, 16 August 2013

Specspost Sunglasses Review

I've been looking for some new sunglasses for a while, as mine are quite old and scratched. But I never know where to buy from, I can't afford designer, but are high street any good? They may look good but will they protect my eyes?

Specspost are an online shop that sell a wide range of glasses and sunglasses. Because they sell glasses as well as sunglasses, it makes me feel more confident that the sunglasses with me good for my eyes. They also have a huge range of frames, including branded ones!

These glasses relate at £26.99, and on the website you can see the different options for lenses, making buying glasses or sunglasses super easy! The fact that they are good quality, and look great, for under £30 is amazing! The frame itself is really study, even though the side bits are quite thin, they feel strong. The lenses are slightly tinted, not too dark, which for me is a good thing as I hate really dark tinted sunglasses to the point you can barley see in them when you're indoors. They have a slightly cat eye shape which makes them so pretty, and slightly tinted lenses work really well with this shape. They come in a very sturdy box, which is great for on the go, to protect the glasses from getting broken or scratched. 

It seems like a very reliable brand, and I will definitely be considering them next time I need some glasses or sunglasses!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Recent Purchases: Bargains, bargains, bargains!

Just a little update of what I've bought recently!

Boots - £4.50 

Leggings - new look - 2 for £11.99 
Skirt - new look - £9.99

jumper - new look - £12.99                 dress - primark - £5 (what a bargain!!!)

Set of 3 frames - Matalan - £1

Set of 3 storage boxes - £5

So many bargains! If you follow me on twitter, and caught my little matalan freak out, it was all about these boxes. I'd seen them ages ago, they have been on a wishlist before, then they went on sale for £10, but I was at my parents and couldn't order them because I knew no one would answer the door to the postman at 8am (no one is ever up!), so I'd have to go to the post office and pick them up, and I didn't know if they were flat pack (they aren't). Then just a few days before I was coming back they were reduced to £5, so naturally I had to get them. Then for about 3-4 days every time i went to order them, they went off, or back to £20! Finally the other day my mum text me to tell me they were at £5 again, so I raced to the checkout! I also managed to pick up those three frames for £1, another bargain!! 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Amazon Wishlist

I often do a lot of surveys online, and one of the payments you can get are amazon vouchers, which has made me use the website a lot more than before! One of my favourite things about the site is the fact you can make multiple wishlists on it. It means I can keep everything I want to buy organised. And they pretty much sell everything on there, as well as having a lot of connections with brands! 

My room walls look quite bare, and since I can't use nails in the walls as I'm renting, the bunting will be perfect to make my room a little more homely! The fairy lights are to replace my current ones, as they are pink they don't go with the rest of my room, and they are fluffy and the fluff goes everywhere (so annoying!!). Candles are something I've missed since living in halls meant they were a big no no! Now I'm in a house means I'm free to light them whenever, and I have to have the classic vanilla, and blueberry is one of my favourite scents. Also how cute is that bra?! I love the lace and the colour! And the shoes are perfect for summer, but they will also be perfect for my holiday!

Friday, 9 August 2013

Chi Chi Favourites

EtailPR have set a new blogger challenge up, to show them your favourite pieces from Chi Chi. The winner will get a £200 voucher to spend on Chi Chi! If you want to know more about the challenge click here.
Lizette                   Catalina                  Bryana

The first of my favourites are all skater style! I'm so glad skater styles are still "in" because it has to be one of the most flattery styles, ever! (For me anyways!!). I love the first two dresses because they are so simple, then you have that small bit of print which makes it look much more expensive, and so damn pretty! And the last one I love because of the print! It's a perfect day to night dress. And all of the dresses are under £50! 

Florita                     Jana                      Imani

These maxi dresses are just so pretty! If only I had a ball to go to or something... haha! However the first one is so light and summery I could wear it whenever! I just keep imagining it on a beach... somewhere very hot.. The print is so pretty, and I love the crossed bit at the top! It's perfect for day or night so it's not limited to one event. If I did have a fancy event to attend, Jana or Imani would be my first choices. Jana is only £22.99 which is such a bargain!

Yasmin                    Eldora                      Maribel

The first one is not your typical bandage dress, it's so pretty and cute! It hugs your figure, but isn't as showy as the other two. However I do love the other two, because they are quite showy, but not too short or showing too much skin! They are the perfect dresses for a night out, as they look like they could be quite comfy as well as look good (win win!). They are the more expensive dresses, because they are from the Couture range, but with how they look they are definitely worth it! 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Sleep in Rollers Review

note: very picture heavy!

Ever since I tried Strawberry Curlers I've been dying to try Sleep-In rollers! In a way they are very similar to Strawberry Curlers, how they are foam based, and you can sleep in them, yet they produce a completely different result! Strawberry Curlers curl your hair, whilst Sleep-In rollers create big, bouncy hair! I've always dreamed of waking up with big, beautiful hair, and now that my hair is a lot longer, it makes me want it even more.

Honestly, when they first arrived in the box, the first thing I saw was that glitter and thought, oh my god that's going to be everywhere! But when I took them out of the box, I saw they had a plasticy film coating, which made me feel much better. They came with 20 rollers, 20 grips in a cute little bag thing, and a travelling bag for the rollers! Here's how I got on...

Before! (my hair is quite wavy/thick naturally)

Before! (The roots lack volume! It's all at the bottom)


It took me about 25 minutes to put them in, because my hair is so long and the best way to roll them is to pull the hair out, it kind of made my arms ache after a while! haha! Because of the Velcro material on the rollers, it made them less comfortable than the strawberry curlers, because it made them scratchy! But because they are foamy I was able to sleep in them, it's just like having a lumpy pillow strapped to your head! I got the occasional poke from the grips, but nothing hurt and I actually got a good night sleep. When I woke up, none had fallen out, which I was actually surprised at, because they felt quite loose when they were in. 

Ta da!

It only took about 5 minutes to take them all out, and none of my hair got knotted up or anything! I'm really pleased with how it turned out, I love how big my hair is, and now it has a small curl to it! I would recommended spraying your hair with hairspray, when it's either in the rollers or just after taking it out, as my hair fell quite a bit during the day.