Thursday, 25 July 2013

My Bucket List!

Money Supermarket are currently running a competition as they want to see your budget and extravagant bucket lists! To see more about the competition click here... but here's my bucket lists! Bucket lists are something I've been talking a lot about recently, as at university we've realized our first year has gone so quickly, and we only have 2 more left. We've started planning things for the next two years, making bucket lists of everything we want to do in those years! For my budget list I stuck to things that would cost under £100, a holiday may seem like a budget but when you're a student without work it's pretty extravagant, to me anyway! 

Budget bucket list:

1. Watch the entire IMDb Top 250 movie list - Being at university has meant I've watched a lot of films in a short amount of time, but I'm always hearing the phrase "I can't believe you haven't watched ______". We're always having movie nights as they are probably the cheapest thing we can do! So far I've only seen 31 films on the list (crazy!), so I have a long way to go!

2. Have a night out in Liverpool - This is a uni one, we were looking at somewhere affordable (for trains etc) that would still be an amazing night out! Liverpool is a highly rated night out, would only cost less than £20 for a return, and clubs are open till 6am, so we wouldn't even have to get a hotel.

3. Go camping - I've been camping before, but they were always for a night or two, or in a luxury place (showers etc), or in a back garden! I mean go properly camping, in the middle of no where, no shower, no toilet! Making our own camp fire, roasting marshmallows and singing around it! 

Extravagant bucket list:

1. Swim with dolphins - It's a classic, on the majority of peoples bucket list I guess! But this is something I've always wanted to do. Ever since I was little dolphins were my favourite animal, my entire bedroom was decorated with them at one stage. For christmas all I'd get were dolphin theme things (and the odd barbie doll!). Even though I've grown up, my love for them remains and it's always something I will want to do (I best get saving...)

2. Travel around the world - I was gonna put a specific place, but I really can't decide, they're just too many places I want to go. Dubai, Hawaii, Australia, Mexico, France, Italy and so much more! 

3. Buy a car - I passed my drivers license last year, and had no intention of buying a car, I don't need one at the moment, being at uni and all, however I would like one. It's much more of a want than need, which is why it's something I haven't looked too much into. I don't have a clue what car I'd even want!

What's on your list?
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