Sunday, 21 July 2013

bikini wishlist

I'm going on holiday in December, and I currently only own 1 bikini, which wont be enough for two weeks spent in the sun! I've been searching all over the internet, but I probably wont be purchasing any until the sales start, since I don't really wear them around the house :P

Blue bikini top and pants // Stripped bikini set // Triangle print bikini top and pants // Floral bikini top and pants // Floral bikini top

As you can tell, there's a pattern emerging! I'm being pretty picky at the moment, I want high waisted shorts and a bra style top (as this is probably the most flattering bikini style for me). I went through a lot of sites to find these 4 bikinis and one top, it's so difficult to find the perfect bikini's i've been imagining in my head :( I love the style of the first one, I'm just not sure of the colour, however ASOS has many, many colours to choice from, but I think I'd have to try a few on to find the best colour for me as none are really jumping out at me atm! I love the topshop stripped set, and at £16 it's a complete bargain, especially for topshop. It's such a bargain that I'm tempted to run to topshop and snap it up! It's a nice a simple design, something I could wear year after year and it wouldn't look out of fashion. For the other three it's all about the print! I love a pretty print, especially in pastel, which makes the triangle printed one perfect for me! But I love the top of the dark floral print, it's such a nice shape, and I love how it's long line.

Can anyone recommend any other shops that sell good swimwear? 


  1. I was wanting to buy bikinis for a super duper long time but havent found any I really like yet.. mostly online and I couldnt dare purchase bikini without trying.. You should try Abercrombie, they got somes that quite cute too! I love the black and white one in your post a lot.. looking great!

    1. They are so hard to find! I'm the same with buying online, i prefer to try things on! x