Saturday, 29 June 2013

What's in my hand bag?

The "what's in my handbag" post is a classic for any blogger, so why am I doing it now?! Why not save it until I have 'bloggers block'?! Well the lovely people over at are running a little competition to see what people carry around with them on a daily basis, how much it's all worth, and whether or not we should be insuring them. To find out more about the competition click here.

Bag - £35

My pride and joy at the moment! Being a student, without a job, means no designer handbag for me, but I love my Miss Selfridge bag anyway!

The overall contents of my bag. This would differ from day to day but these are the average things that will always be in my bag!

ASOS Purse - £12.00, Giftcards - £28.00, NUS Card - £5, Drivers Licence - £20, Railcard - £20, Student halls key card - £20, Student card - £10

The price for the cards is the amount I would have to pay to replace them. If I was to lose my purse I'd have to fork out £75 just to replace a few card! That's unbelievable! I also always carry around any gift cards I have, which can often be a lot more than £28! 

Passport - £72.50, Passport cover - £20, Glasses - £99, Phone - £140, Camera - £50

I wouldn't usually carry around my passport, but since I've been packing to move I figured it's the best way to keep it safe, and I know exactly where it is! 

Water bottles - £10, Diary - £4, Umbrella - £4, Sunglasses - £12, House key - £200, Postal key - £20, USB - £12, Nurofen - £1.50

I'm not too sure why a house key would be £200, but I took that figure from the example on MSM. 

Foundation - £8, Perfume - £30 , Mascara - £8 , Makeup Brush - £2, Lip stain - £8, Lip balm - £3.50, Powder - £4

Total = 858.50

To me that's crazy! I predicted around £400, since I don't have anything designer except for my glasses. To know I carry that much around on a daily basis! I don't have one single item on their insured! I should definitely look into insurance... 

How much are you carrying around everyday?!


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