Sunday, 16 June 2013

Graduate Fashion Week 2013

This post is a bit last but a couple of weeks ago I went to London to watch BCU's show at GFW. We made a day of it, shopping in London etc etc! Then when we made it to GFW we were given free tickets to Manchester School Of Art's show as well! Both shows were incredible, but I have to say even though Manchester had the better set, BCU had much better clothes! I didn't take many photos on the day because I was so busy running around etc! These are my 3 favourites from each show..

One of my favourites from BCU's show was Amy's collection. I love the laser cut detail, the maroon colour and the headdresses! But most of all I love that bobbley knit piece, I would wear that right now! 

Another favourite from BCU's show was Phoebe's collection. I love the use of black with nude, bondage but made girly. I love the volume in the dresses, which made them look amazing watching down the catwalk!

And my final favourite from BCU's show was Victoria's. I love the fun bright colours, the way the models are styled and all of the accessorizes. Most of all I love how the collection is wearable, I could walk out the house in the majority of her pieces, and I especially love that blue rain coat! 

My first favourite from Manchester's show was Charlies collection. I fell in love with that print. I love the punk vibe, the stripes and denim! Even though it's men's wear I would still buy so many pieces from this collection if they were in a store!

My second favourite from Manchester's show was Lucy's collection. I love the chic girlyness of it, how it's almost child-like. I adore the print, I'm guessing she made it herself using childhood photographs, which makes me love it more! Plus I need a pair of those shorts! How pretty?!

And my final favourite from Manchester's show was Lyndsey's collection. The colour palette on this won me over, I love greys mixed with green! I also love the piping detail on all the pieces, making them work well as a collection!

Do you go to GFW? Who did you see? Who did you love? 

p.s. none of these photos are mine - photo credit to London News Pictures, Phoenix Magazine and Rex Features.

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