Monday, 24 June 2013

Bedroom wishlist/inspiration

My uni year is coming to a close, my work has been handed in and i've got all my marks back. The only thing left is my halls of residence, which I'm moving out of in a week! Instead of moving back home a few of us are moving into a house, and I can't explain how excited I am to move! I've loved being in halls, but I need something a bit more homely since I'm almost 4 hours away from my actual home! Not only am I moving into a house, I'll be moving into the attic room. I've wanted an attic room forever, but we never had ours converted at home! I've been looking around for some bits I can buy to make the room more me, since we are renting we can't paint/drill holes etc!

As you can tell my colour scheme is blue/white, because my duvet sheets are blue with white polka dots. I love having fairy lights on when reading and these ones are just too pretty and they look good when they are not switched on! (I always think plain fairy lights look ugly when they're not switched on). In my new room there's a small bar which I plan on hanging clothes on, so I obviously need pretty hangers to display them on, and I love the look of wooden hangers! The notice board in halls was something I didn't think I'd use as much as I did, but now i don't think I can live without it, and the whiteboard will come in handy for to do lists, etc. I'm not allowed candles in halls, and vanilla is my favourite scent. I love scatter cushions and already have 2 patterned ones, so I needed something a bit simpler to go with them. Storage boxes always come in handy and I love the colour scheme of it. My new room doesn't have any shelves, so I think this unit is a big need! 

And here's some inspiring decor pictures...

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