Thursday, 23 May 2013

my life through instagram #4

I've been gone a while, but recently I'm missed blogging. Plus now that I'm at university I've had to think a lot more about my future, and this blog could really help me to build a career in the fashion industry. For my first post back I thought I'd catch you all up on my instagram posts! Warning: there's a lot!!

my first attempt at a Sunday dinner // care package from the mother // living room wall // disney films and butter popcorn

the beginnings of Christmas // finding a flamingo in the lift - the joys of being a student // flat decorated for Chirstmas // the start of the advent calender

it looks like a face! // wrapping presents is too much fun // free chocolates from O2 // missed this little lady

being treated well at home // sleigh in Tesco car park // merry christmas! // finally got a tattoo

first bit of snow // ready for a long night of working // cupcakes // snow makes everything prettier 

cake in a mug! // giant lindt bunny // birthday cocktails // 19th birthday 

O2 Easter freebies // the best thing about being home // boating lake // crazy how much my hair has grown

happy // too tasty // saved by the bell night // new toy - a drawing tablet

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