Friday, 9 November 2012

Boots Christmas Wishlist

It's getting to that time of year! For those who aren't last minute buyers, you'd have already started planning/buying christmas presents (I know I have!). Not being at home means I've had to tell my mum specific things I want, so I thought I might as well show you all the kinds of things I would love this Christmas! Boots is perfect for stocking fillers, they have a cute, wide range of gifts, and at christmas they are always 3 for 2, meaning you can shop for everyone for less!

1 - eyelash curlers £6, 2 - chocolate £6, 3 - impress nails £7.99, 4 - soap&glory £10, 5 - pin cushion £5, 
6 - stylfile £4.49, 7 - jelly belly £6, 8 - hot chocolate mug £7.50, 9 - Ted Baker £12

1 - I've needed a new eyelash curler for a while, and I love the pink handles! 
2- Everyone loves chocolate at Christmas, and the mix of flavours on top of each other is perfect!
3- I've wanted to try these ever since the whole beauty blogger craze happened! 
4- For me, you can never go wrong with soap and glory, I haven't tried a lot of their range, so the minitures would be perfect for me to try!
5- I do fashion, I use pins, and the pin cushion I use is no way near as cute as that one!
6- I've wanted to try this ever since they were given away in one beauty box.
7- I love Jelly Belly sweets - simple as that!
8- Hot chocolate is the best thing at Christmas time, plus how cute is that mug?!
9- I love Ted Baker stuff!

Friday, 2 November 2012

my life through instagram #3

pretty rainbow // having a picnic in our living room // so tempted to buy this frying pan from tk maxx! // homemade cheesecake 

white hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles! // night in with the flatmates and neighbours // 36 blueberry muffins // from 36 to 3 in 24 hours!

free toothpaste for ordering jeans? thanks asos! // pumpkin carving // decorated the flat for a flat party! // mango and tea for breakfast

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