Wednesday, 24 October 2012

review: Reese and Taylor

I was sent this bracelet by a company called Reese and Taylor. They asked me to look through their etsy page, and pick my favourite to review for them! I was torn between a few different pieces, but decided on this Gold metal chain with navy suede, because the colours are perfect together, and they would go with a lot of my outfits! 

"Reese & Taylor, LLC was founded in 2012 by childhood best friends, Sue and Audrey. The complimentary skill sets in fashion and business fuse into delivering top quality jewellery, while ensuring to stay current with market trends. "

The fit is perfect for me, not too tight, but not too baggy, and I love that the clasp is quite big, so there's no fiddling around trying to get it on! It retails at £11.56, which for a handmade bracelet is an amazing price! They wrapped it in tissue paper, and included a hand written card thanking me for reviewing them, which shows just how lovely the owners are!

You can find out more on their:
etsy | facebook | twitter

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

review: Claireabella Polo Jute

Polo Jute* - ToxicFox - £24.99 

I was sent this Claireabella Polo Jute from Toxic Fox to review for you guys. Claireabella bags are hugely popular, and whilst I never jumped on the band wagon, I always wanted one, but I wasn't sure of a place that did them to the quality I would want. I don't want to be paying out over £30 for a bag that looks like a child has painted it! This is the first thing that impressed me on this bag - the quality is amazing! It's hand painted, but doesn't look childish - the detail and design looks professional. Secondly it's only £24.99! The bag itself is quite small, I myself would prefer to have a larger one, for shopping (etc). However Toxic Fox has a lot of different size options available, see here for their options - the large jute being only £40. £40 is a good price for a high quality hand painted bag. It can be personalised with a name, hair colour, eye colour, hair length, outfit and skin tone! They make the perfect presents for anyone, because not only are they good for clothes shopping/ taking to school etc, they are perfect for food shopping, so all the mums can use them too! (Truth be told, I do want a big one for food shopping...)

This bag, although being small, can also be used for so much. I love the fact it has a small tag which says "Hand made with love", because it just makes me think it's perfect to put a present in, then as well as a present they get a cute handmade bag! The personalised bags are a nice and thoughtful gift, showing you really know the person by picking their hair/outfit/eye style. 

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Monday, 1 October 2012

it's starting to look a lot like autumn

shirt - new look
leggings - matalan
boots - select
cardigan - internationale