Monday, 3 September 2012

Passion for Fashion Bloggers Challenge!

I really do love receiving these kinds of emails, because these challenges combine three of my favourite things: fashion, competitions and blogging! This time I will be entering Passion For Fashion bloggers challenge. All you have to do is create five different outfits for different occasions; party, casual, outdoor, first date and office wear, and each outfit cannot go over £200. I love this challenge, because you can use any site you want! It's not often that I'll wear an outfit that all came from one store, so I think this challenge is really realistic! Also I recently got Paint Shop Pro, so this is the perfect time to experiment with it!

"The aim is to create some fantastic looks for autumn/winter by being as creative and stylish as you can, but also looking for great value products and make potential savings wherever possible."

If you want to find out more, or enter yourself, click here. Here's my entry:
p.s. warning: this ended up a longgg post!

dress - £45 // bag - £30 // shoes - £29.75 // necklace - £12.50 // earrings - £2
 anklet - £7 // ring - £5.99 // gold glitter nail varnish - £2.99

I love topshop's party dresses, I've seen a lot of bloggers talk about those tutu dresses this year which made me realise how beautiful the dresses are! I love this one because it's simple, but really pretty! I wanted to keep with the simpleness, so I went for black shoes, but I think the studs make them more interesting and youthful. I love black and gold together, so for the rest of the outfit I stuck to that colour scheme, I think the black accessorise's would make the dress stand out, and be the focus of the outfit. The clutch matches the shoes, and the jewellery all works well together. I went with a simple necklace, so it didn't take focus away from the beautiful dress, and an anklet instead of a bracelet because I think you should always dress up your feet - as well as the rest of you! This outfit will work well in the British weather because even though you aren't very covered up, you are at a party - so you'll be indoors. Plus you can always through a coat on top, and take it off once you get their. The shoes, although high, you wont be walking around in puddles because you (typically) get transport to and from a party - and they will be long wearing because you aren't going to be wearing them 24/7 (I don't think anyone can party that hard!). 

jeans - £28 // top - £30 // cardigan - £24.99 // bag - £12.99 // shoes - £35 // collar brooch - £8
bangles - £4.99 // nude nail varnish - £2.99 // matte top coat - £4.59 

When I think of casual I think lounging about indoor, maybe catching up with some old friends with a cuppa, or heading to the shops! I love to wear jeans, especially dark jeans, because they go with practically anything, and they can be dressed up or down for the perfect look! I wouldn't usually say wedges (or any heels) are casual, but those boots seem to scream casual at me! A shirt can be a simple way of feeling casual, without looking like you're in your pjs! And a big cardigan is perfect for British weather, because it will keep you warm, whilst feeling comfy and looking stylish! I love the all of the colours together, the simple nudes with the contrasting black shoes and dark jeans with a hint of purple! I also think matte nails look more casual than shiny nails, which is why I added the matte top coat (plus it's an amazing product!). And even if I'm feeling casual, I still like to wear jewellery, just not a lot of it. This outfits perfect for British weather because boots and layers are a must have in the cold weather. It's guaranteed to rain in this lovely country of ours, so it's useless having sandals or anything similar on. 

jacket - £55 // leggings - £12 // t-shirt - £35 // shoes - £19.99 // rucksack - £28
bracelet - £7.50 // navy nail varnish - £2.99 // croc nail varnish effect - £3.99

I'm not too sure what kind of things you'd do outdoors in British weather, I tend to avoid it as much as possible because who likes to be cold?! I've seen lots of parkas and lots of army jackets around, but they never really appealed to me, I don't think I could pull them off. Until I saw this beauty! It's like a parka, army jacket and a leather jacket combined! That seems like the weirdest combination, but it works! It is perfect for autumn into winter, and the colours and style reminds me of British outdoors! I paired it with the leggings because I love them, they are thick and comfy, they will be keeping me so warm this autumn/winter (I already own them btw!). I then added the large top, because I don't like wearing leggings with a short top, I feel a little exposed! The top has to cover my bum, or I feel naked! Plus the oversized style is really comfy, and baggy/oversized tops always look great with leggings. Then I saw these shoes.. and fell in love! I love brogues, and I love creepers, however I find creepers too "out there" for me. The combination of the two is a match made in heaven, and at £20 they are a complete bargain! The platform style is great for walking in puddles and mud, because you'd just get the water and mud of the platform, without wrecking the shoes completely! A backpack is this casual bag, and for being outdoors you don't really want to be holding a bag (think dropping your favourite bag in a muddy puddle!). Then of course, how can I go outdoors without some bling! I love the skull trend, and this bracelet is perfect and fits in really well with the rest of the outfit! Then I'd paint my nails with the navy, and add a layer of the croc effect - to keep in with the grunge feel of this outfit. 

playsuit - £32 // shoes - £22.99 // necklace - £8.99 // bracelet - £13
clutch - £9.99 // earrings - £8 // nails - £4.99 // eyelashes - £5.99

For this outfit/first date I'm going to say that it's for a meal at a nice resturant, followed by drinks after. For a first date you want something comfy, because no one's going to make a great first impression when you're moving about in your chair because your outfits too tight. You want a little glam, because you want to look good, but feel even better. I love the playsuit because it's a lot more modest than a dress, and the long sleeves make sure you're not showing too much skin, but it's a little lot cut which makes it sexy, without being  slutty! I love fake eyelashes and these Katy Perry ones are perfect for a date, because they are quite simple, nothing to flash, but give you enhanced lashes! Simple french nails are perfect, because the shoes and bag are very bling, you need simple things around to stop you from looking overdone. A little bit of jewellery to compliment the neckline of the playsuit, and the sleeve length - all in gold to match the shoes and bag! Plus I love gold and black together - it's a simple way to look glam and chic! This outfit will withstand the British weather because of the long sleeves of the playsuit. You can easily team it with pair of tights for a colder night, plus you're inside the majority of the time. If you do plan to go for a walk (etc) you can easily add a coat, or steal your dates! ;)

skirt - £14.99 // blazer - £36 // top - £14.99 // tights - £4.99
bag - £39 // shoes - £18 // lip stick - £5.49

I don't have a job, so this isn't the most familiar area for me. You want something simple, yet chic - which is why I went for a classic pencil skirt. I teamed it with a black blouse, black boots and black tights because I think an all black outfit, with coloured accessorise's is a simple yet effective way to have a colourful outfit, without looking like you're wearing a rainbow! I love a dipped hem blouse, but for this outfit I would tuck it into the skirt, to show off the skirt. You could then wear it after work, untucked (as long as it's not completely creased of course!). Black tights to cover your legs, and black boots for a bit of warmth, but still keeping style. I added a small bag, because I'm not sure you often have to take much to an office - I guess it all depends on where you're working. But this bag is perfect for all your essentials, and you always have an arm spare for folders, files and books! I added red lipstick, because I know work places can often be strict about nails (again, it depends where you're working) but you're usually allowed to wear makeup, and red lipstick is always classy! I then finished it all off with the beautiful blazer! I love the colour, it adds a lot of interest to the outfit, plus it's covering you up enough so you're not cold outside, but it will probably be thin enough to wear inside. A blazer is a perfect way to make your outfit fit for "work" wear, without looking like you're in a complete skirt suit! 


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