Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Boohoo Bloggers Challenge

So I received another email about a blogger challenge! This time it's for Boohoo! Not too sure if everyone can enter, because there's no website for it, but if anyone is interested it's ran by Fashion Vouchers!

EDIT: Click here if you want to enter/read more! 

"To celebrate BooHoo.com making it into our Top 10 Fashion Money Saving Websites list, we have launched a new blogger challenge to find the best outfit for £50 or under at BooHoo.com. Your outfit can include a dress, shoes, jewellery, accessories and what else you can find as long as the total cost does not exceed £50."

playsuit - £20 // jacket - £15 // rings - £4 // headband - £4 // eyelashes - £3 // shoes - £4 
total = £50!

I like to make my money go far, and I think £50 for 6 items is amazing! That makes them an less than £9 each! Since the summer is over, and well we didn't really have a summer - I decided to create a summer look, basically because that playsuit is beautiful! I love the mixture of the print with the lace! I think the print is quite summer, but the colours could also be for autumn, so it can take you from summer to autumn! I paired it with a denim jacket because my denim jacket is my most worn piece for summer, it's comfy and cool, but warm enough for those kind of chilly nights. I then added some rings, because I love wearing jewellery - but the neckline of the playsuit is too busy for a necklace. I then added eyelashes, because I'm really loving them atm - it's the perfect way to make your outfit more glam! I would wear this outfit with my hair in a high big bun, then put the headband on. I love the idea of the two clashing prints, since one's quite light and one's dark. To finish it off - some simple gladiator sandals, for comfort and because they are one of my favourite things to wear in the summer (except when you take them off to find the tan lines!).


  1. Hi Danni

    The competition is open to all fashion bloggers:


    1. Thanks, will add that in the post now!

  2. Hi,

    Just found your blog through bloghop.

    Love your style and choice of clothes for the comp!

    Following you now on gfc :)

    Lockie & Lulu

    1. Thanks! Will check your blog out xo

  3. Wonderful post dear :)

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