Thursday, 9 August 2012

review: DGJ shampoo and conditioner

The lovely people from DGJ Organics sent me some shampoo and conditioner to review for you guys! Even though they sent me the blonde one (i'm brunette), I have still used it because it doesn't really effect my hair, plus my ends are kind of blonde, and I was hoping the lemon peel in this might help to lighten my hair (because lemon is really good for lightening hair!). 

These are the two products, I like the packaging because it's clean and simple, but looks expensive. I also like the pop-lid type bottles, where you press on one side, and it opens the bottle up. I don't like those ones where you have to pull the lid up because they always crack my nails, or ruin my nail varnish! They are both £5.99 each for 250ml, which for me is expensive because I usually spend £1 per, but I'm cheap anyway!

They are both made with lemon peel and chamomile. I'm no good at detecting or talking about smells, plus I don't know what chamomile smells like, but I couldn't really smell lemon in either of them which is a shame because I like the smell of lemons.

The shampoo comes out yellow, and the typical shampoo consistency. It lathers up nicely, and washes out easily. The conditioner is white, and is the typical conditioner consistency. I find this one of the easiest conditioners to wash out, usually it seems to take me ages to wash conditioner out of my hair, almost like the conditioner is clinging to my hair, but I didn't have this with this product.

The smell stayed on my hair after washing it out, which I liked. Once my hair had dried to made it look a lot shiney than usual, which is a big bonus. The shine lasted the whole day, which is another bonus! I like products that don't wear off within an hour or so, so for the smell and shine to last all day is great.

Overall I'd give it a 6/10 - I think the product itself is great, as well as the packaging. However for me it's too expensive, which is the only thing I dislike!

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  1. This is a really useful review ; I really like using shampoo's and conditioners which help to enhance your hair colour! Your blog is lovely, new follower :)

    Bex x