Monday, 6 August 2012

review: ColourB4

I recently got sent some ColourB4 to try, and yesterday I finally decided to try it! As my hair is long and thick it would take 2 boxes to cover my whole hair. Luckily I didn't want to do it on my whole hair, I wanted to use it to dip dye. I've had my hair dip dyed before, twice actually, by a hair dresser using bleach. The bleach ruined my hair and the hairdresser made the dip dye so tiny it was hardly seen! I was intrigued how ColourB4 could work without bleach, but as is has no bleach I knew it would be a lot better for my hair.

I followed the step by step guide, mixing the two solutions together, putting it on my hair for 60 minutes (30 minutes for thin/shorter hair), then rinsing it for 10 minutes, applying the "buffer" then rinsing for 5 minutes, then waiting another 10 minutes and reapplying the buffer and rising again. It was pretty easy to use - just like hair dye (except for the rinsing part). The worst part was rinsing, just because it look so long and I'm an inpatient person! (Plus I was in the shower for over half an hour!). The smell of it isn't as bad as permanent hair dye, however it's not the nicest smell. I would recommend doing it on a day when you're not doing anything else, and make sure you are able to wash you hair (with really nice smelling shampoo) the next day! 

ColourB4 is supposed to remove any hair dye from your hair. I was quite worried about what colour my hair would turn out because I don't know what my natural colour is any more! I was born with bright blonde hair, but when I was about 10/11 it started to get darker and turn slightly brown. From around 12/13 I've been dying my hair, so that's 5/6 years of dying! My roots are often a dark grey/brown colour (yuck!). So I was definitely hoping it wouldn't turn out anything like that. 

This is my hair before using ColourB4:

and this is it after using ColourB4:

curly/natural hair


You can't see it as much in the straightened picture because when I dyed it I tied my hair up so the dip dye wouldn't be a straight line all around, but I didn't put my fringe up. Turns out I put a bit of my length out with the fringe, so a little at the front hasn't been dyed!

I am definitely pleased! I would buy ColourB4 without even considering Bleach! It's easy to do at home, and works, so it makes it a hell of a lot cheaper than going to a salon! ColourB4 is available to purchase online, on their website here for £9.99. The other two bottles are treatments to use before and after colouring your hair, and they are also available on their website for £3.99 each. However it's definitely more suited to stripping your whole hair, then re-dying after as the colour can be unpredictable. 

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