Monday, 13 August 2012

recent purchase: forever 21

I've been lusting over Forever 21 for awhile now, and since I don't have one in my area, I knew if I ordered from their website, I might as well look through their entire collection! I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I am cheap. So when I saw the offer for free delivery when you spend over £50, I knew I had to go for it, because I hate paying for delivery, plus it was free returns, so if I didn't like anything I could just send it back. I also had a look around for other codes, and found I got 15% if I spent over £60! So I ended up spending around £63, then it came to £55 with the 15% reduction. 

I just wanted to show you guys what I got because they are so pretty! I ended up sending back 3 items: a dress, a pair of black jeans and a top.

I don't own any skinny blue jeans (shocking I know!). Plus these were under £10 which is a complete bargain.

I've wanted cross studs for a while now, and I am in love with this head band!

The picture doesn't do the lace justice! It's got gold colours running through it which makes it look even prettier.

The purple top is made from the softest fabric ever!


  1. That dress looks gorgeous!! I want it ;P


  2. What a gorgeous dress! I keep meaning to order from Forever 21 must go and have another look :) x

  3. oooh love these! btw i love your blog & followed! do you think you could give me some tips on my blog and maybe follow or just leave a comment? would love to hear from you :)x