Friday, 24 August 2012

New Look Holidayhop Challenge

This Challenge is to create 5 different outfits under the themes of Travel Style, Poolside, Beach It, Sunset Supper and Beach to Club.

"Imagine you are going to Ibiza for a long weekend. Create a post on your blog stating which items from the New Look store you would wear to complete each of the following outfits on your holiday. You have 5 outfits for 5 occasions, so which items would you wear and why? Head over to the New Look store and start picking your favourite party dressesbikinis and accessories."

To find out more click here. This is my entries!

shorts // top // jacket // bag // shoes // earrings // ring

When you're travelling there's quite a lot to think about - remembering all your important documents, time managing etc! You also have a lot to think about for your outfit. You want to be comfy, because hours on a plane in a tight dress is not the best idea. You want to be warm, because UK weather is typically cold. You also want to be cool enough for the country you're going to - in this cause Ibiza, which will be a lot warmer than UK! You also want a bag with enough room for all your carry ons! For this outfit, I went with comfort, adding jewellery to give the outfit more style. The jacket can easily be taken off once you're in Ibiza, and then you're perfect for hitting the beach!

When you're at the pool, tanning, you can hardly have billions of bangles up your arms? No one likes a ring tan line! I kept things simple, adding a playsuit and belt for when you're walking to the pool, and for when you pop into the hotel/restaurant etc! You always need a big bag, for the towel, book, sun cream, phone & everything else you take! Sunglasses to keep your eyes safe, and false nails because you can't accessorise with jewellery so you might as well dress up your nails!

Sunglasses, big bag and bikini are a must! The beach is perfect for working on your tan! A nice maxi to cover you up on the way there and back - comfy and stylish. Wedges are the perfect thing for sun, they are comfiest of heels, but still have that beach still. Plus the colour of them looks good with the rest of the outfit, and when you get to the beach you can easily slip them of to get the sand in your toes! I also added a headband to tame your crazy wavy beach hair!

Evening meal = time to get glammed up! Of course, you're still in Ibiza, so you don't need no jacket or billions of layers! A simply, floaty (comfy) dress, pretty heels, a statement bag and gold jewellery is perfect. The floaty dress keeps the beach/holiday theme and the heels and gold gives you a bit of glam!

Beach to club - yet all I hear from that is CLUB! Ibiza is made for clubs! A few pre drinks on the beach perhaps? In clubs you don't really want much dangley jewellery, because when you are dancing and jumping around it swings everywhere! Heels are a must, as well as a beautiful dress. A small clutch, on a chain, to keep all your money, phone and other bits in. Simple, yet beautiful!


  1. Really like the outfit ideas you've put together, they're all gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! If only I could afford to own them all! :') xo

  2. Hey, I like the Beach IT outfit, it's awesome. Feel free to check out my entry on
    Good luck :))

    1. Thanks! Good luck to you as well xo

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