Monday, 20 August 2012

House of Fraser blogger challenge

If you haven't guessed (since this is the third blogger challenge I've done so far), I love blogger challenges! This time is the House of Fraser blogger challenge, to show an outfit for next season. If you want to find out the full details, click here. This is my entry:

For me, Autumn is always seen as brown & plum/red, jumpers, jeans and boots! It's not the worst thing in the world, but it's definitely not the best. In my outfit I've mixed it up a bit! I decided to do a day and night outfit, because the dress I chose could be used for both, and I just couldn't decide between the two! I decided to pick a lace dress, because lace is one of my favourite trends this year, and I think when you find a trend you love, it's nice to see how it can work in each season. 

The day outfit would be something to wear whilst shopping, or college/university. It's comfortable, but still stylish! Obviously a dress by itself would be silly to wear in the autumn, because you would freeze! So I added the cardigan to keep you warm, and the tights you cover you up a bit! I love brogues, they are so pretty but still casual, and they colour is perfect for autumn! And of course, you have to add some jewellery! Wooden bangles are perfect because the colour works for autumn, they look good and they aren't to "dressy". Then of course, if you're going shopping you need a bag! I've been lusting over these Ted Baker bags for months now, so I had to include it! They are simple, but roomy so you don't have to carry around 50+ carrier bags.

The night outfit would be of course for going out to a club, or on a date, or to a nice restaurant. The jacket is just beautiful, the colour is a modern twist on the traditional autumn, because I see nude as just a light brown!  I chose the tights because you want to keep a bit covered up, because it will be cold, but black tights with a white dress is too cliché, and I love patterned tights. The black detail on the jacket begged for black in the outfit, and the shoes are perfect for it. Wedges are comfy and much easier to walk in than heels, but they are still stylish. Then I accessoried  with gold because I see gold as a prettier version of brown, which is perfect for a glam autumn. Plus in the run up to Christmas you need something gold and glittery!


  1. Lovely outfits, the jacket goes really well with the dress! I haven't done any blogger challenges yet, but they sound like fun :)


    1. If you like making wish lists then you'll enjoy it, plus you can win £200's of vouchers:) x

  2. lovely looks! the ted baker bag is gorgeous! i have an obsession with them!
    check out my entry here

    caitlin :) xxx