Thursday, 12 July 2012

not your typical jewellery

1 - Cross 2 Finger Ring - Topshop: £7.50, 2 - Beaded Hand & Ring Bracelet - Republic: £8
3 - Leaf Ear Cuff - ASOS: £8, 4 - Spike Crown Headband - ASOS: £8

I'm starting to really like those weird, unusual jewellery. The ones that aren't your box standard, one finger rings, necklaces, bracelets etc!
 I have an obsession with the ear cuffs, especially the ones that actually go through your cartilage piercing and the bottom of your ear! I haven't found any high street shops that actually sell the double piercing earrings, but they do sell them on etsy, in various styles! But the one from ASOS (3) is also good, no piercing needed, except I don't think I could wear it with my hair down, imagine getting caught in the wind? You'd be tangled all around it!
I also have had this thing about studs and spikes recently, so the ASOS headband is just amazing! These headbands are a nice way to dress up your hair, without putting much effort into your hair. You could just leave it natural, a little bit wavy, put the hand band in and you're good to go! ASOS is one of my favourite shops ever, even though they have a reputation as being quite expensive, I don't think they are that bad. Plus they have the best sales ever, even putting beauty brands like Barry M on sale! And with free delivery and returns, who could ever complain?!


  1. Love them all! I've been ogling the cross ring for months now! Loving your blog, you have a new follower :D xx