Tuesday, 24 July 2012

recent purchases + storage

Motel Rocks - £5 (in the sale) - the picture doesn't do it justice! It's made from chiffon (I think), so it's sheer.

Body Care - 99p! 
All i needed was some plain short false nails, so I could add me own design, and 99p for 40 plus glue plus a nail file is perfect!

BNM's - £1.99 
I already had the bottom box, and I decided to get another because they are great for storing odd bits in (plus they look awesome!). Plus they are collapsible, so if I didn't need them they can be stored away easily without taking up to much room!

I keep bath bits in the bottom box, such as bath bombs and bath salts.

And i'm going to use the top one to store my samples/freebies in (not many things in it yet!)

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