Saturday, 14 July 2012

Fashion doesn't have to be expensive

There's a certain stigma that comes with "fashion" or "style". People seem to think you need to spent thousands of pounds, just on one piece of clothing. I think you can look just as good in high street, or even previously loved clothes! There's a lot of things you can do to save money, from where you shop, to how and when you shop.

The main one would be ebay! A lot of people see ebay as a big scam, but really it's just people like you and me trying to earn a little extra by selling their old stuff. Think about how many clothes are in your wardrobe that you haven't worn for years, those things you wore once for that special occasion, and now you have nothing to wear with them, or those things you bought years ago, still with the tags on. That's what ebay is about. You can get amazing deals, because it's like every store/brand possible, all on one place. Sometimes the pieces do go for quite a bit, but others are a steal at only 99p! It's a great way to buy the brands you love, at a much cheaper cost. If you're ever doubting a seller, read their feedback, or even ask them about the product. It's better to ask 50 questions, then love the item you receive than to ask nothing and get something you didn't expect.

Another way to save money with your favourite brands is to sign up to their newsletter. It's typically the first way a brand send out new products, but mostly new offers. I've signed up to all the stores I shop at, including the ones I've never shopped at, but have browsed their site. I often get emails with codes for discounts, and they always seem to send free delivery codes! I've also noticed that when sites have sales, they usually start it online a day before it goes into the shops. They will email you about this in their newsletters, which means you get first pick of the sales! I'd also suggest liking them on facebook, or following their twitter, as they notify you about offers/sales/promotions on the social network sites too! They sometimes even do competitions, to win products from that brand/store. I've noticed In love with fashion do a lot of competitions on their facebook, as well as internationale on their facebook

If you want to save more money, change where you shop. There's plenty of cheap fashion websites that sell the styles of topshop and new look, but with the prices of primark. There's the ones on the highstreet, like Select Fashion, Boohoo, Fashion Union and Forever 21. All are very well known, and some of my favourites because they have trendy products, at great prices. Then there's the less known sites, that are very very cheap, and still have great products. Sites like Funky Divaa, Next2Nowt and Everything 5 Pounds. Everything 5 Pounds does exactly what it says on the tin! Every thing on their site is £5, and the delivery depends on how many products you buy - the more you buy the less the delivery is per product. Next2Nowt have fashionable clothing, for little prices, they have also started to stock "famous names", again at little prices. Funky Divaa is another site that does a lot of competitions, theirs are on their twitter, where you just have to follow them and retweet their comp tweets! They also put out a lot of discounts, some coming up to 50% off all products! There is also a site called Secret Sales which has daily sales of big known brands, making them affordable, all you have to do is sign up! Plus if you invite your friends, and they make a purchase to join you get £10 credit! 

Money saving websites are always helpful, I use Money Saving Expert a lot because their forums are so helpful! They have every topic imaginable, freebies, competitions, discounts and codes! Freebies are always a good thing to do, even though it's not often you get many fashion related ones, there are always beauty samples! Samples are great because you get to test the product, before going to buy the full version. How many times have you spent lots of money on a full product, only for you to hate it? Plus getting something for nothing is always great, and I love receiving them because then I actually get some post! There's nothing like waking up and seeing 5-6 post just for you! There's a lot of different freebie sites, most of them advertise the same things, but it's always good to check all of them. These are the ones I use: Freebie Site UK and Magic Freebies UK. It's also good to enter competitions, because you can often win vouchers for high street stores,  or fashion and beauty products. Competition Club on face book is a good site to like, they constantly post competitions from all over the web, ready for you to enter, and The Prize Finder does the same! Also magazines and fashion websites run a lot of competitions, and instead of going out and buying all the magazines on the shelfs, just sign up to their websites! I know that Bliss, Pick me up, Red and Yours run a lot of competitions, with great prizes.

Surveys are a great way of making money, and as most of them pay you in vouchers they are also a great way of saving when shopping! MySurvey, GlobalTestMarket, Survey Network, Ipsos, Dubit Informer and Valued Opinions are the ones I use. My mum also does the same ones, and we've both found we get a lot of surveys from them all, but some more than others. They differ from person to person because they are looking for specific clients, but they always have a lot for you to do. They are definitely worth doing if you can spare an hour or so every day. I've been doing surveys for about a year now, and I'm pretty sure I've made over £200. Doing these surveys often leads you to other surveys. The more independent surveys give more of a reward, if you are asked to do more, they reward you more. Shop and Scan and Consumer Pulse are two thing I had been invited to through doing surveys. Shop and scan is were you receive a scanner, and an information booklet, and you scan your weekly shop in. The focus on supermarket shops (as well as smaller shops with similar products), whereas Consumer Pulse focus's on clothes, beauty and entertainment products. With consumer pulse you don't get a scanner, you just simply enter information in about the product, like where you bought it and how much it was. Consumer Pulse is a bit more work, as you're entering each individual product, but they reward more. Consumer Pulse give points per item, as well as points if you register each week, whereas shop and scan only give points per week for registering the products each week. Shop and scan isn't available to just register with at the moment, however you can sign up to Volunteer4panels and they will send you information about which surveys you can sign up for.

A lot of work can go into saving money, but sometimes it's about being in the right place at the right time! I think the best thing to do is to be well informed, signing up to all the possible things you can so you get all the information in the quickest time.

Do you have any money saving tips when it comes to fashion? Or did this help at all? :)


  1. I'm all about a bargain, love Primark, boohoo and similar cheap shops/sites! I ofen find little gems in supermarkets too, George at Asda and tesco seem to be the best, just pop em in ya trolley as you pass!!

    Cool post, good read, now following Funky Divaa on twitter in the hope of winning a comp, lol!!

    1. I love tesco clothing - they always have huge sales too!

  2. Great post! I do mysurvey and valued opinions too :) If you do reviews dooyoo is a good site.


  3. Great post! I do really like some free stuff sites, huge fan of magic freebies, wowfreestuff and latest free stuff!