Friday, 6 July 2012

everything about me

Oops! Already broken the 3-4 times a week thing! Oh well! :P
So here's some more about me:
I'm 18, from a small town in Lincolnshire. I have a cat, called Mollie, who is literally like my child :P! I have just left college, after doing textiles, graphics and maths at A level. I have applied for fashion design at BCU, and hopefully, as long as I get the right grades, I will be going to uni in September! In the mean time I have had to find things to do, 2 months of "summer" in England is not the best thing, especially how it's been none stop raining!
I have been reading fashion/style/diy/etc blogs for like 2 years, and they've always seemed like so much fun to do. I love finding amazing deals or products or pieces that I fall in love with instantly, and I always want to share what I've found. That's why I've made this blog, so I can share what I love. I love DIY stuff, like adding studs to jackets, or transforming an old dress into a top. I think customising your own clothes can set you apart from the crowd, especially as clothes can be so easily and cheaply bought. How many times do you walk around town and think "I have that top she's wearing" or "she has the same outfit on as me"?
I also really like baking, well mostly the decorating part! I especially love cupcakes!
I think I'm actually obsessed with tumblr! It's like my life in pictures and posts! I like to search on there for cupcake ideas, nail ideas and try them out for myself!
I have recently become a little obsessed with getting free samples of products, and entering competitions. I have been following Victorias Vintage for a while now, and seeing all the things she has won (a lot of things!) had inspired me to give it a try! I haven't won anything yet, but I haven't been doing it for long.

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  1. Hello! Just joined your blog! I love fashion and baking/cake decorating as well, and competitions! I have won quite a bit of stuff and have been doing it for about 2 years. Keep entering everything you are interested in and you are bound to win something soon! xx

    Jessica -