Tuesday, 10 July 2012

ASOS blogger challenge

Ok so for this challenge you have to create "the hottest outfit you can", entirely from ASOS, and all for under £100. The lovely people at discountcoder.com are hosting the competition, and all we have to do is make a blog post! all the details on the competition are avaliable here. And this is my entry:

dress - £29, denim jacket - £38, shoes - £16, cross necklace - £6, lips ring - £4, yellow nail varnish - £5

which gives a grand total of £98

For the outfit I was thinking sort of day wear, maybe a meal with friends. But also something that can be dressed up. I love the dress because of the print - it's so interesting and unique. I added the denim to make it more casual, but if you took the denim away and changed the sandals to heels you have an incredible night outfit! I love the ring, it brings fun to the outfit, and the sandals keep it simple, because the outfits so "top heavy". I picked the nail varnish from the main colour of the dress, the yellow, as the yellow is most vivid throughout the dress. I haven't been on ASOS in a while, but doing this challenge has made me want the jacket and dress so much! I've fallen in love with them :P

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